The 4×4 Goose Hunt application process includes a non-refundable $50 application fee to enter team drawing. Registration closes on December 27th at midnight. There is no limit to the number of applications a person or team can submit. Team drawing winners will be announced around December 30, 2022. Only 15 winning teams will be selected so increase your odds of being drawn by purchasing more application tickets. The application process works like a raffle ticket to participate. All application tickets include free entry to the Friday evening (January 13) Pre-hunt steak dinner and team-blind drawing event.

If selected, there is a $800 per team Entry Fee due by December 31, 2022 by check or credit card payment. Lack of payment by December 31 will void successful drawing, and a new team will be selected for replacement. Successfully selected teams will be provided a fully guided, 4-man hunt at a blind location drawn by teams at the Friday evening Pre-hunt dinner.

Do you want to avoid the risk of being drawn? Do you prefer to guarantee a team spot in this year’s prestigious event? 2 teams will be auctioned online starting December 1! Click here to participate in the online auction. Winning bidder also receives choice of blinds available. Don’t miss this opportunity to join us at the 2023 4×4 Goose Hunt!